What’s the process for getting a title loan?

The title loan process with TitleBucks can be described in two words: fast and simple.

  1. Come to TitleBucks with your car or motorcycle title.
  2. A TitleBucks employee will do a vehicle appraisal in as little as 15 minutes, while you fill out the title loan application.
  3. Based on your cash need and the appraised value of your vehicle, TitleBucks will determine the loan amount with you.
  4. Once the title loan application is approved, TitleBucks will give you your cash and you get to keep driving your car or motorcycle.
  5. As soon as you pay off your title loan, TitleBucks will release its interest in your vehicle by removing its lien from your title. Thereafter, your title will be returned to you after it is processed by your state’s department of motor vehicles.