Get Excited for Black Friday!

black friday in large block letters

Guess what happens in ten days?! The busiest shopping day of the year…Black Friday!! If you’re a Black Friday shopper, you may already be planning to limit your turkey and dressing intake Thursday so you can feel great and take full advantage of the retailer sales bright and early Friday morning. This is the perfect time to exercise that “money-saving muscle” you have, and also enjoy time being out-and-about shopping!

Doing your research early is the best way to guarantee that you’ll save money. Make a list of the places where you plan to shop and even jot down the items that you’re looking to purchase. If you are planning a budget and expect to actually stick to it, do not stray from the plan. Getting sidetracked is incredibly easy, so commit to yourself now that you will only purchase what is on your list!

There are thousands of retailers participating in this fun-filled day, but some of the most popular include:

The links above will you take you straight to the retailers Black Friday specials where you can begin your preparation for shopping. There’s also a website that lists other retailers that you may find of interest at Any type of “Black Friday” search on Google will you give a plethora of options and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish by doing your homework early. So good luck to you and stay safe!

Fun Fact: The term “Black Friday” originated before 1961 in Philadelphia. One of its meanings is used to describe the incredibly heavy and disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic that happens the day after Thanksgiving. More recently, the financial term has been used to reference the point when retailers move from financial loss (January – November) into the profit phase, “in the black.”

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