Fuel Saving Tips

gas pump and car

One of the main perks of getting a title loan/pawn with TitleBucks is that you can continue to drive your vehicle while paying back your loan or pawn. This is important to most customers because they use their vehicles to get to and from work, school, and miscellaneous daily errands.

While driving, it’s important to keep in mind how much fuel you’re using – you don’t want to use up all the funds from your loan/pawn at the gas pump. Be mindful of your driving and consumption habits by considering the following tips:

Combine errands

Try to dedicate an afternoon to running all your errands. Driving from place to place on a warm engine is more fuel efficient.

Take the highway

Stop and go traffic eats up gas. Take the highway or interstate whenever possible to avoid red lights and stop signs. Additionally, avoid driving all together during rush hour when traffic is thick.


Are you and a friend, family member, or coworker going to the same place? Ride together. These shared trips will reduce consumption and positively impact the environment.

Don’t wait until empty

Gas prices fluctuate often. If you’re tank is half full and you notice gas prices are lower than normal, fill up – waiting until you absolutely have to can cause you to miss great deals.

Fuel rewards programs

This will require a little research on your end. Do you frequent a particular gas station? Check to see if they offer rewards with their credit cards. Trying to avoid credit cards? A lot of grocery stores offer gas rewards when you shop with them. Example: You can get 10 cents off per gallon for every $100 you spend at Kroger. These cents can really ad up at the pump.

Timing is important

There can be a little bit of strategy when getting gas. Experts recommend filling up in the morning – before 9 a.m. They also recommend filling up on certain days of the week. These days vary depending on your state of residence. Check out the best day for your state here.

Keep your tires filled

Underinflated tires cause resistance and burn more fuel. Check your tire pressure once a month so make sure they’re at the recommended levels.

Limit A/C

When driving at slower speeds roll down your windows to cool off. Turning off your A/C can save energy. Note: if you reach speeds up 55mph to you should roll the windows up. The aerodynamic drag actually reduces fuel economy.

Replace your air filter

A dirty air filter restricts air flow into your engine, hindering performance and fuel efficiency. Make sure your air filter is clean and if it’s not, follow our quick guide on how to replace it.